Artist: A HS FAN
Song: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Homestuck
Album: Shit Homestuck Fans Do (DROPPING 4.13.2012 // PRE-ORDER NOW)

Yo, damn it feels good to be a Homestuck
Just waiting for Hussie to update, and with luck
Your favorite artist might upload new pics
As we blow up tumblr when the shit hits

Damn, fandom overload
Cool as Dave’s shades & you already know
Working all night to make that cosplay dope
With absolutely no shortage of bucket jokes

Making theories for the next update
While creating fan fics & AU’s to regulate
Yea, ask blogs on tap
Constant flow of content, don’t take a nap

So, grab your favorite troll and come over here
Guarantee you’re gonna make some friends over here
We have the whole enchilada
And sail more ships then the Spanish armada


Yo, damn it feels good to a be Homestuck
Rappers getting dollars? Shit, I’m getting boonbucks
Rolling up like a sexy beast
All the ladies know the deal, double pistols and a wink

All albums bumping in my speakers
As I use my time to chill on trollmegle
We are certainly are supreme
RP so smooth like JE’s windy thing

Crashing New Grounds, kid, we got this
Lord English swag, bro, you can’t stop this

(Useless rambling)


((I say “yea” too much))